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(C80) [Sora wa Chimidoro (JACKASSS)] Red Temptation (Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt) [English] =LWB=

(C82) [Sora Ha Chimidoro (Jackasss)] Tabi Ha Tsuduku | The Journey Continues (Dragon’s Crown) [English] [Eboginot]

(C85) [Sora Ha Chimidoro (Jackasss)] Amazon To Be Diminished (Dragon’s Crown) [English] [Eboginot]

(Reitaisai 7) [Jalapeno Chips (Uro)] sweet aroma (Touhou Project) [English] {pesu]

[nWa (Various Artists)] Amazone The Second Impression (Dragon’s Crown) [English] [Tonigobe]

[Sora Ha Chimidoro (Jackasss)] Violent Passion (Dragon’s Crown) [English] [Eboginot]

[Sora Ha Chimidoro (Jackasss)]Born 2 Amazon (Dragon’s Crown)[English]=Thetsuuyaku=

[Sora wa Chimidoro (JACKASSS)] Rainbow Supplex (Street Fighter) [English] {Fated Circle Translations}

[Sora wa Chimidoro (Jackasss)] Yabai-san and the Hot Springs (English)