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[Zucchini] Two Lovers (COMIC MUJIN 2012-09) [English] [The Lusty Lady Project]

[Zukiki] Ane Ana Ch.1-3 [English] [Kusanyagi]

[Σ-Arts (Mikemono Yuu)] Bokunchi no Senshichou (Queen’s Blade) [English] {doujin-moe.us} [Digital]

[Σ-Arts (Mikemono Yuu)] Do S Nicomi (Super Sonico) [English] {doujin-moe.us} [Digital]

[じじ島/ 鬼崎KK & Sherry] Taking Back Time (Blazblue)

A Delicious Night [English] [Rewrite] [Zeddddd]

A Special Wish [English] [Rewrite]


Another Dream [ENG]

Appointement (English)


Breast Play 2 [English] [Rewrite] [EroBBuster]

COMIC MUJIN 2000-02 [English] [dojin2000]

Copy Doll ENG

Crimson comics Virgin train 1 ep 1,2,3 ENG

Crochet Rest

crossdress teacher[eng] 女装敎師

crossdresser teacher murder case [女装子 殺人]

Dead or Alive – Strawberry (English)

Demonic Exam 2: Death’s Terrible Proposal

F850 (English)


Fukushuu no Uta Complete – Naburu (English)

Grapefruit Weather [eng]

Helping with insomnia problems

Here Comes a New Challenger!

Hinano Rei

Hypno sister

If I Were to Find a Die [ENG]

Kill the Dead Bastard Ch.1-3 (English) (Ongoing)

Kill the Dead Bastard Ch.1-6 (English) (Ongoing)

Kill the Dead Bastard Ch.1-7 (English) (Ongoing)

Lilith`s Cord Ch.1-10 (English) (Ongoing)

Lilith`s Cord Ch.1-7 (English) (Ongoing)

Lilith`s Cord Ch.1-8 (English) (Ongoing)

Lilith`s Cord Ch.1-9 (English) (Ongoing)


Masako’s Lesson [English]

Miku no Rankou Nikki

Morning Mom (rewrite) [ENG]

Mundo & Lulu, Tremendo

Onihime – Female Lifestyle [ENG]

Onihime – Shibari [ENG]

Onomeshin (FREAKS) – Hoshino-san Under the Blue Sky [English]

Pai-Commu Ch. 1 [English] [Rewrite]

Peeping Room (Trigun) [English]

Ponpon Eight Four (English) {Decensored}

Psy-detective [ENG]

Ranmaru Graphics – Meat Ball

Role Reversal

Sacrifical Model [ENG]

School Days Anthology

Sensei And I [ENG]

Sick Day [English] [Rewrite]

Sister is My Idol (rewrite) [ENG]

Sister’s Study Interuption (Rewrite)[English]

Sisters [English] [rewrite]

Splash – Key

Stealing Virginity (Rewrite)[English][EZ Rewriter]

Submissive Mother – Chapter 1-6 [ENG]

Takashi Moritaka – Cosplay POV! Takeda-san [English]

The Tragedy of the Crossdressing Teacher

The World God Only Knows – Sukima no Nai Sekai (English)

The Worst Mistake (english manga)

Time Master One [English] [Rewrite]

Time Master Two [English] [Rewrite]

toka giantess (rakugakimannga) [English]

Toka Giantess Neko Scat Story

TS I Love You 2 – Lucky Girls 5 (Colored by Majesty)

Under the same roof

Under the Same Roof ENG (incest)

Wild Pitch!

Yuppie Love [English] [Rewrite]