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(YoManga) H-Mate – Chapters 1-30 (English)

(YoManga) H-Mate – Chapters 31-45 (English)

[ I Wonsik] Sweet Guy Ch.1-56 (English) (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[ I Wonsik] Sweet Guy Ch.1-57 (English) (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[BAK Hyeong Jun] Sweet Guy Ch.1-46 (English) (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[BAK Hyeong Jun] Sweet Guy Ch.1-48 (English) (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[BAK Hyeong Jun] Sweet Guy Ch.1-49 (English) (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[BAK Hyeong Jun] Sweet Guy Ch.1-49.5 (English) (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[BAK Hyeong Jun] Sweet Guy Ch.1-50 (English) (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[BAK Hyeong Jun] Sweet Guy Ch.1-51 (English) (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[BAK Hyeong Jun] Sweet Guy Ch.1-52 (English) (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[BAK Hyeong Jun] Sweet Guy Ch.1-55 (English) (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[ButcherBoy] Household Affairs Ch.1-37 (English) (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[ButcherBoy] Household Affairs Ch.1-38 (English) (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[BYMAN] Erotic Sensuality & Perception Ch. 1-3 [English] (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[BYMAN] Erotic Sensuality & Perception Ch. 1-4 [English] (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[BYMAN] Erotic Sensuality & Perception Ch. 1-5 [English] (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[BYMAN] Erotic Sensuality & Perception Ch. 1-6 [English] (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[BYMAN] Erotic Sensuality & Perception Ch. 1-8 [English] (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[Ddasoom] H-Campus Ch. 0-11 [English] (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[Ddasoom] H-Campus Ch. 0-9 [English] (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[Dol-Kong] Disrespectful Bitch Ch.1-4 (English) (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[Dol-Kong] Kitsch | Disrespectful Bitch [English] [HeyManga]

[Donggul Gom] She is Young (English) Part 1/2

[Donggul Gom] She is Young (English) Part 2/2

[Eunya] Nineteen Ch.1-16 [English] [YoManga]

[Fantastic Whale] Twin Slave Ch.1-26 (English) (Ongoing)

[Fantastic Whale] Twin Slave Ch.1-27 (English) (Ongoing)

[Gamang] Sports Girl Ch.1-28 (English) (YoManga)

[Gyuo] Kill the Dead Bastard Ch.0-12 (English) (Ongoing)

[Gyuo] Kill the Dead Bastard Ch.0-13 (English) (Ongoing)

[Hong BanJang] Aharoo Ch.1-21 (English) (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[Hong BanJang] Aharoo Ch.1-22 (English) (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[Hong BanJang] Aharoo Ch.1-25 (English) (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[Hong BanJang] Aharoo Ch.1-26 (English) (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[Hong BanJang] Aharoo Ch.1-27 (English) (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[Hong BanJang] Aharoo Ch.1-28 (English) (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[Hong BanJang] Aharoo Ch.1-29 (English) (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[Hong BanJang] Aharoo Ch.1-30 (English) (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[Hong BanJang] Aharoo Ch.1-31 (English) (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[Hong BanJang] Aharoo Ch.30-35 [English] (TrollNationScans)

[Hong Squad] Guest House Ch.1-25 (English)

[Husky guy] SStudy Ch.0-37 (English) (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[Hwanazzung] Naughty Girl Ch. 1-4 [English] (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[Hwanazzung] Naughty Girl Ch. 1-5 [English] (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[Insane] Love Parameter Ch.1-50 (English) (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[Insane] Love Parameter Ch.1-53 (English) (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[Juder] Lilith`s Cord Ch.1-15 (English) (Ongoing)

[Keum Sah Gong] Si-Eun Ch.1-25 (English) (Ongoing)

[Keum Sah Gong] Si-Eun Ch.1-26 (English) (Ongoing)

[Keum Sah Gong] Si-Eun Ch.1-32 (English) (Ongoing)

[Keum Sah Gong] Si-Eun Ch.1-33 (English) (Ongoing)

[Keum Sah Gong] Si-Eun Ch.1-34 (English) (Ongoing)

[Keum Sah Gong] Si-Eun Ch.1-35 (English) (Ongoing)

[Keum Sah Gong] Si-Eun Ch.1-36 (English) (Ongoing)

[Keum Sah Gong] Si-Eun Ch.1-37 (English) (Ongoing)

[Keum Sah Gong] Si-Eun Ch.1-39 (English) (Ongoing)

[Keum Sah Gong] Si-Eun Ch.1-40 (English) (Ongoing)

[Keum Sah Gong] Si-Eun Ch.1-41 (English)

[Kurenai] Club Sodom Ch.1-20 (English) (Ongoing)

[Kurenai] Club Sodom Ch.1-21 (English) (Ongoing)

[Kurenai] Club Sodom Ch.1-28 (English) (Ongoing)

[Kurenai] Club Sodom Ch.1-29 (English) (Ongoing)

[Kurenai] Club Sodom Ch.1-30 (English) (Ongoing)

[Kurenai] Club Sodom Ch.1-31 (English) (Ongoing)

[Kurenai] Club Sodom Ch.1-32 (English)

[Liangshan Bo] Seduction Ch.1-37 (English) (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[Liangshan Bo] Seduction Ch.1-38 (English) (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[Liangshan Bo] Seduction S2 Ch.1-3 (English) (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[Liangshan Bo] Seduction S2 Ch.1-5 (English) (YoManga) (Ongoing)

[Madstart] Secret Island Ch.1-10 (English) (Ongoing)

[Mojo] My Wives Ch.1-21 (English) (Ongoing)

[Mojo] My Wives Ch.1-22 (English) (Ongoing)

[Mojo] My Wives Ch.1-29 (English) (Ongoing)

[Mojo] My Wives Ch.1-32 (English) (Ongoing)

[Mojo] My Wives Ch.1-33 (English) (Ongoing)

[Mojo] My Wives Ch.1-34 (English) (Ongoing)

[Mojo] My Wives Ch.1-35 (English) (Ongoing)

[Mr. Byeong-Su] Cohabitation Ch.1-23 (English) (Ongoing)

[Mr. Byeong-Su] Cohabitation Ch.1-24 (English) (Ongoing)